A home inspection is a comprehensive and thorough, visual only inspection of the entire property from the roof down to the crawlspace or basement. The furnace, the hot water heater, the AC unit, the attic, all bathrooms, all interior rooms, the garage as well as the exterior are thoroughly inspected.

A home inspection helps to make sure you understand the overall condition of the property and any immediate or near future expenses that may arise. This gives you necessary information to request that certain things are fixed/replaced before the sale is completed or negotiate on price to replace/repair these items yourself after the sale is complete.

After your offer is accepted, but before closing. Approximately one month before your 1yr builder warranty is going to expire (new build). Bi-annually to ensure there aren’t any ongoing issues that an inspector might find that escapes the home owners eye. Many problems fester over time and, if found early, are small/low cost repairs. If they fester for a significant period, the cost to repair or replace can increase exponentially.

An appraiser assesses the value of the home versus comparable properties in the neighborhood. A home inspector is there to find defects. Whether that be leaks in the plumbing system, insufficiencies in the electric system or cracks in the foundation wall, etc.

A qualified home inspector should be certified by a recognized by interNACHI or ASHI. They should have insurance, a website, experience and positive online reviews. Cherry Home Inspections is interNACHI certified, a Certified Master Home Inspector, sewer scope certified, radon certified. Cherry Home Inspections is insured and has performed 1350+ residential home inspections.

The cost of the home inspection is based on size and age of the home, distance travelled to the inspection and any additional services (sewer scope, radon, etc) that are ordered for the inspection. The starting price for an inspection is around $350. Call for a free quote right now.

Again, this depends on the size and age of the home. However, three hours is a good ‘rule of thumb’ for the duration of a typical home inspection.

Cherry Home Inspections starts on the roof, then does the exterior of the property, the attic, the upstairs rooms including bathrooms, all interior rooms including windows/walls/floors/ceilings, all bathrooms, the garage, the basement or crawl space, the furnace, the hot water heater, the AC units as well as the kitchen and all appliances in the kitchen. It is a very thorough, very methodical Inspection.

Immediately after your offer being excepted, before closing. Your realtor should schedule an inspection objection deadline date. The inspection should be performed several days before they date.

Despite most builders strongly pressuring the buyer to not do a home inspection because it’s a new build, we strongly recommend doing a home inspection before closing… even on your new build. Believe me, I could tell you some stories. In addition, another home inspection approximately one month before your one year warranty expires is also HIGHLY recommended.

Cherry Home Inspections recommends that the agent and clients be present for at least the end of the home inspection to do a post inspection review of inspectors findings. That being said, there is no requirement for anybody other than the inspector to be at the property during the inspection. Cherry Home Inspections always does a very thorough post inspection review with the client and agent and answers any questions that come up at that time or the few days after the inspection. If the agent and or client is not able to attend the inspection, of a thorough review can be done over the phone once the report was sent out.

None. The home inspector discovers defects, explains them to the client and makes a recommended course of action. The home inspector does not perform repairs.

The home inspector, in the report, will thoroughly document in writing and with pictures all defects that are discovered. In addition, a clear, recommended course of action will be contained in the report. In addition, the inspector will do a thorough post inspection report with the client to make sure they understand all discovered defects and the recommended course of action.